Andre Iguodala: Is He For Better Or For Worse?

Posted on February 1, 2011


Andre Iguodala has been the best player for the Sixers for a few years now. He has been appreciated, but now the Philadelphia fan criticism is starting to erupt. 

Questions are stirring and insults are flying through the air.

Is he worth his contract? When are we gonna get rid of this guy?! 

Well, here’s my take on the 6’6 small forward. 

The first thing I will say is I think he is a very good player.

For those of you who sit there and say he is a bad player, he’s not. He is probably one of the most athletic players in the NBA and is a very good defender.

I also think he can be the best complementary player in the league. You saw the way he played with Team USA. When he is playing alongside a superstar, the two are unstoppable, which brings me on to my main point-

Do we trade Iguodala?

From day one, the Sixers needed to sign Carmelo Anthony. I know he doesn’t want to come here, but did the front office even try or attempt to persuade him to come here? Just think how good we would be.

Now assuming we traded away Evan Turner, since Iguodala would be the better complement, our starting lineup would be Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony, Elton Brand (back to his old form), and obviously our center wouldn’t be strong but we’d still be a very good team.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see Iggy play next to Anthony. He would be the perfect complement.

Basically, the only way we keep Iguodala, is if we bring a superstar in town.

Unfortunately, we lack of a good front office (when it will get better, God only knows) that have proven they won’t bring in a superstar.

Because of this, we have to use the best of what we have, which I think potentially, is Turner.

Iguodala is the more experienced player, but we have already tried to form a team around him and it hasn’t worked. Turner has been a superstar on team in the past with Ohio State and he was great.

Turner knows the responsibilities and what it takes to be a leader and the best player on a team.

If Iggy is gone, Turner can shine to be the best he can be which we’ve seen when Iggy is not on the floor, especially if we surround him with shooters.

In this case, we would trade Iguodala for young players, expiring contracts, and/or draft picks. We’d almost pull off an Oklahoma City Thunder way of rebuilding.

We already have Holiday, Turner, Thaddeus Young, Brand is playing good, and then we’d have the good, young talent and draft picks we would get for Iggy.

Theoretically, there are two paths the Sixers could take in the predicament they are in with Iguodala:

1. Get a superstar and complement him with Iguodala- form one of  the best duos in the NBA (less likely).

2. Trade Iguodala and build our franchise around Turner (most likely).

The best player to have complement someone is Iguodala, and the best one to build a team around is Turner.

Most likely, the second path is the way we are heading. I’d hate to see Iguodala go, but it’s the direction our front office has put us in.

If the likeliness of both happening were equal, I would take the first option.

Obviously, it’s less likely, but we can dream can’t we?

We’ve been through his ups and down, we’ve seen his high-flying dunks, but will this be the last time?

Is this the end of the Iguodala era?

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