The Michael Vick Era: Andy Reid’s Plan From The Start

Posted on February 1, 2011


DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 19:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up prior to the start of the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 19, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

We all saw the breaking news on ESPN. As Philadelphia fans, we got excited and couldn’t wait to see Michael Vick take off on the field and we wanted the change of pace.

However, we all knew that he would never start because McNabb was the guy, and if he left (which was expected) Kevin Kolb had been next in line for a few years.

So when he came to Philadelphia, we knew he wouldn’t start and would not get the action we wanted to see him get.

Or would he?

The Eagles acquired Vick when McNabb was in town, but like I stated earlier, we knew he was gone by season’s end and so did head coach, Andy Reid. Kolb, the uprising prospect who has been waiting for his chance for years to show what he’s capable of, was finally given his opportunity.

So now I bring you to this:

Why did we sign Vick again? I mean, we had been waiting for years to see Kolb lead the franchise.

Was Vick just for the “Wildcat offense”?

I don’t think so and I would say to use him as trade bait, however we signed him to a two year deal for a reason. If he was going to be used as trade bait, we would have signed him to a simple one year deal.

But we didn’t.

Reid signed Vick because he always knew he could coach him to be a great quarterback. Vick always had potential to be great, so just in case Kolb didn’t follow through on high expectations, he had a former Pro Bowler behind him.

Now let’s say Kolb turned out to be a great successor to Donovan. We still could have used Vick for the 3rd down option. It was a win-win situation for us.

We just signed Vick for more than the 3rd down option.

There was a chance that Kolb wouldn’t follow through with what was expected of him, and I’m sure Reid had that feeling.

Vick received his chance to shine when Kolb went down with an injury in week one during a close game against the Green bay Packers.

We were amazed by the way he played. No one could deny that Vick performed the best he had in his career.

This soon brought controversy on who to start at the quarterback position. Vick or Kolb?

After thinking about the bizarre scenario, Reid announced the starting job to Vick.

Although Vick played great, the starting job was Kolb’s from day one. Not once is a quarterback position lost because of injury and the original quarterback does not receive a chance to redeem himself.

It’s the same situation for every backup quarterback in the NFL.

You are asked to play at the best of your ability so it doesn’t seem like your team is losing much when your starter is not available, and Vick did that.

We have seen other backup quarterbacks succeed in the past as well.

Still, you don’t replace your starter with your backup when your starter does not have a chance to play again after injury.

It does not make sense.

It’s just not fair and it’s not right.

However at the same time you can say, “How can you sit out a guy who is playing better than his pro bowl years, who’s on a hot streak and is appearing almost invincible?”

Personally, I think the job should have gone to Kolb, but I was still fine with Vick at quarterback. After all, look how good he has been playing.

It was certainly a weird situation that sports fan will be talking about forever.

But the same question can always be asked:

Why did Reid pull the trigger so early? Kolb wasn’t given half a chance!

Well, here’s my response:

Could this have been Reid’s plan from the start?

Maybe, Reid knew from the start that he was going to deal McNabb. Maybe, Reid thought there was just too much pressure on the young man and maybe he thought he could not follow through with expectations. Maybe, he thought that the Eagles needed a more athletic quarterback behind the dreadful offensive line.

Maybe, just maybe, Andy Reid planned for Vick to be the back up plan to Kolb and lead the franchise of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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