NBA Rumors: Allen Iverson Tweets He Won’t Retire: Will He Return To the 76ers? Can He Help Turner?

Posted on February 4, 2011


Allen Iverson, a 12-time NBA All-Star, tweeted yesterday that he is not looking to retire.

He came back to the United States for examinations in his right leg on Thursday. It turns out that he his recent MRI reported that Iverson has a lesion pressing against the bone in his right leg.

Reports have stated that he should recover from surgery in 4-6 weeks.

And of course, it was involved in the world of Twitter.

Where else?

Iverson specifically stated in his tweet:

surgery. I have never said anything about retirement nor have I said goodbye to the game of basketball. I love this game! That is why I went all the way to Turkey to continue playing and once I get past this, my plan is to continue playing at the highest level possible. So don’t put me in my rocking chair just yet. Hold on, I’ll be back! Stay tuned.

Iverson is definitely foreshadowing here.

He clearly states that he is going to play again. In fact, he will try and recover in time for playoffs in Turkey.

However, when he says “…my plan is to continue playing at the highest level possible…Stay tuned,” does that make you somewhat suspicious?

It does for me.

The highest level possible is the NBA, right?

Is Iverson vaguely telling his fans that he will try to make a return at the NBA? 

I think he really wanted to remain to play in the states, there was just was not a team out there who offered him a chance.

In my opinion, I think a trip back to Philadelphia would be very beneficial.

If Iverson is brought back, the Sixers can utilize him as teacher for rookie, Evan Turner. Iverson would be the perfect guy to show Turner how to be a prolific and fearless scorer in the league.

In addition, it will be good for Iverson.

In his last attempt to finish his career with the Sixers, it ended almost bittersweet.

He should come back next year for just one year and finish off his career with the Sixers on a positive note.

Many fans may speculate that he would want a lot of playing time if he does come. It is definitely a fair argument, but I think this time around he can accept little playing time.

After all, if the Sixers are the only team to give him a chance, he would take it.

He would be more of a player coach than an actual player. Maybe go in for 15 minutes per game or so, but he would mainly focus on helping Turner transform into a superstar.

As a die-hard 76ers fan, I would love to see Iverson in a Sixers uniform again.

But time will only tell if Iverson will make his way back to the NBA.

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