Elton Brand Shines As The Philadelphia 76ers Roll Pass The Knicks, 100-98

Posted on February 5, 2011


Yes! They came back and won!

I don’t know about you, but I have just finished screaming, but this time it was screaming of joy. The Philadelphia 76ers have just beaten the New York Knicks 100-98.

In the first quarter, the Sixers had control of the game, but lost it in the second when the Knicks outscored them 31-16. They later went on to control the third quarter as well.

But did that stop Doug Collins to push the troops onto victory?

It certainly did not. And it didn’t stop Elton Brand from performing his best game of the season (career?) either, nor did it stop Andre Iguodala from recording almost 20 assists.

Brand was definitely the MVP of this match. He scored a career high in points by recording 33 and he also hauled in 16 rebounds. But not only did he play great on the offensive side, but did you see who was there to contest the last second shot?

That’s right, it was Brand there to save the day. If wasn’t there to contest that shot, the Sixers lose another hard breaker.

Iggy on the other hand also played a great game by also recording a double-double. He drained 18 points and dished out 16 assists with zero turnovers.

I don’t know about you, but Doug Collins put it in good words when he said, “Our veterans really brought him this win for us tonight.”

They certainly did perform their best and the rest of the team did a great job of being a supporting cast. One thing we have learned this season is that any Sixer can be good on any given night. One night it’s Jrue Holiday, the next night you see Jodie Meeks dropping 20, then the other you see Lou Williams score 25 off of the bench, or of course you get a great night like this.

I cannot stress of how good of a job Collins has done this year. Taking it game by game and always contending in games and against good teams.

With this win, the Sixers are now just two games behind the Knicks for a playoff spot and have improved their record to 23-26.

“It was a game of toughness,” Brand told the press, “We had to step it up and that got us the victory.”  But what he later went on to say something which meant even more than before. He stated, “It says a lot about our growth and maturity. Earlier in the season, we don’t win that game, but now we do.”

Later around the locker room, Iggy talks about him and Turner, “When me and Turner on on the floor, we communicate well. It’s hard for teams to play us when we are two good wing players who are solid defenders.”

This is definitely something reassuring for Sixers fans. It’s probably the most talked about topic right now and the most controversial. If they really can play well together, than all the Sixers need is a true reliable center and they are off to a great, core basis.

Both interviews with both players says a lot on how much this team has changed and improved from game one.

To all 76ers fans out there, this team is getting better!

Game by game, they are improving on something new. Game by game, they are working better together. Game by game, they are competing until that buzzer goes off, and game by game they are slowly but surely developing into a great team.

The talent is there. It’ll just take time.

Just wait Sixers fan, because this team has the right tools to be good and success is just right around the corner.

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