Philadelphia Flyers Rumors: Are They Interested In Ray Emery?

Posted on February 5, 2011


Ray Emery? Is this guy even still in the league? I thought he retired?

Yes, yes, and no.

It was just leaked recently that three teams in the NHL have expressed interest in signing former All-Star goalie, Ray Emery. One of the three teams were not mentioned, but one of them was the Anaheim Ducks.

But who was the third one?

What you’re thinking is correct. The Philadelphia Flyers.

That’s right. It was reported by TSN just Thursday that three teams (the ones stated above) have interest in Emery.

Emery’s agent, J.P Barry, stated, “Ray feels great and wants to be playing next week. We are now exploring all possibilities and will have to make a decision relatively soon.”

One of those “possibilities” from his point of view is definitely Philadelphia. Emery even stated himself that there would be no other city better to play in than Philly. 

He spoke very highly of the city when he stated, “I loved it there. Great group of guys, always hung out together. No small groups of four or five, split up from everyone else.”

Although he seems interested and the Flyers reportedly have been, why should the Flyers sign him?

This season fans have witnessed some great play in both goalies, Sergei Bobrovsky and Brian Boucher.

Okay, so we have no use for him on the team right now, so we can just send him to the Phantoms, right?


The Flyers already have two goalies with the Phantoms right now in Michael Leighton and Johan Backlund. It is clear that no matter where he goes in the Flyers’ system, he will make the roster position packed.

Plus, when Peter Laviolette was asked about his goaltenders he responded with confidence, “I think everybody is comfortable with our goal tending. They have done a great job; both Brian and Bob have done a good job.”

Emery is just coming off of a disease that sat him out for quite a while in the league and resulted him just one season with the Flyers.

Basically, no matter which team takes him, they will be taking a risk and testing out his injury to see if he has fully recovered.

Either way, it doesn’t seem as if the Flyers have a strong feeling or interest in the former goalie. But what they do have strong feeling for is what they have in Bob and Boucher. They have lots of confidence of the two as they have both done great this season.

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