Andre Iguodala for Rudy Gay or Chris Kaman?

Posted on May 8, 2011


It’s Mother’s Day morning and I get a quick minute to look at some news. I see that it was just reported by Kate Fagan of, that two of the most rumored deals surrounding Andre Iguodala are a straight up deal for either Grizzlies’ star Rudy Gay, or Clippers’ center Chris Kaman.

During interviews with the media after the Game 5 loss to Miami, Iguodala was very ambiguous in regards to where he’d playing next season, never actually saying that he would come back to Philly.

Whether this is something good or bad, is up to you. But most Sixers fan are not too fond of Iggy, so maybe this is a mutual agreement with fans.

The Grizzlies have played very well without Gay during the playoffs, so I guess they want a guy like Iguodala to just facilitate and distribute. Memphis has fallen in love with power forward Zach Randolph as he has proven he can lead a team through the playoffs.

In my mind, Gay is a great option for Philadelphia. He is a young, athletic scorer who is still getting better. Gay is that number one the Sixers need, and the guy to hit the last shot. Plus, Gay and Iguodala’s salaries are practically identical.

I like to think of Gay as a younger version of All-Star, Danny Granger (who I think should be another target for the Sixers).

The other rumored trade is for Chris Kaman, but I think Gay is a much better option, despite the lack of a good center.

A trade for Gay would add that scoring that the Sixers need, and Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday would be great complements for the future.

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