Flyers Trade Mike Richards and Jeff Carter; Sign Bryzgalov

Posted on June 24, 2011


Yesterday was a big day in Philly sports, especially for the Philadelphia Flyers. It happened late afternoon on Thursday when both Jeff Carter and captain Mike Richards were traded.

Carter was the first one of the two to be dealt and he was sent to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for forward Jacob Voracek, the eighth overall pick and a third round pikc in tonight’s NHL Draft.

Carter put together a very solid season with a total of 66 points with 36 goals and 30 assists.

Voracek is a great and upcoming player who is just 21 years old and has a lot of potential in the league. Plus, that eighth overall pick should come to great use. It was also a very good deal for the Blue Jackets because they have been searching for a starting, reliable center.

According to an ESPN report, Carter’s agent, Rick Curran, told The Associated Press he was shocked by the move because the Flyers had told him that they were not discussing a trade with the Blue Jackets.

Now onto the Mike Richards deal.

Richards was sent to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for two young prospects in Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds and a second round pick in the draft. Schenn is just 19 years old and has a lot of potential in the league along with Simmonds who is just 22.

Schenn has seen little playing time in the league for he is at a young age, but he will be a great scoring threat for the future. Last season Simmonds played 80 games and scored 14 goals and recorded 16 assists.

Like Carter, Richards also had a total of 66 points, but got it by scoring 23 goals and 43 assists.

Flyers coach, Peter Laviolette, came out and spoke about Carter and Richards, ”

“Jeff and Mike were terrific players for our organization. They’re elite players in our league. We went and replaced them and went in a different direction with a goaltender and wingers up front, different pieces,” he later said, “Paul said it best: It should be a good team, but it’s a different team.”

In other news, the Flyers did find a goaltender they have been in search for in Ilya Bryzgalov. They signed him to a nine-year $51 million deal.

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