Sixers Draft Nikola Vucevic: Analysis and Breakdown of the New Center

Posted on June 24, 2011


Nikola Vucevic, center from USC, was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers 16th overall in the NBA draft Thursday night.

Vucevic, nearly seven feet tall and weighing 260 pounds will be an immediate low post presence that the Sixers have been looking for. In my opinion, this was a very solid pick by the Sixers.

He was the biggest prospect in the draft and from day one the Sixers main objective was to draft big and nothing more. After playing three years in college, Vucevic has experience and is a reliable option.

He did not see much playing time in his freshmen year, but in his second and third year at USC, the dominant center recorded nearly a double-double per game each year. Last season he averaged over 17 points and 10 rebounds per game.

Not only is Vucevic a big presence down low to rebound, but he also contains a very solid jump shot.

Many NBA scouts compare his game to Mehmet Okur of the Utah Jazz which is a good center to have for a team and especially someone to find in the mid-first round of the draft.

With the addition of Vucevic, Doug Collins can now have Spencer Hawes come off the bench where I believe he will be most effective. It was never a matter of fitting in with Hawes, he simply was never meant to be the everyday starter for Philadelphia.

In my opinion, the draft was a success for the Sixers. Think of it this way: walking away, they reached their goal in bringing home a center and it happened to be the biggest one in the draft.

Vucevic can shoot, rebound the ball and also has very good post skills with great size. He is the center of the future for the Sixers. 

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