Eagles Sign Ronnie Brown to One Year Deal

Posted on August 3, 2011


Yes, another move was made. Scratch that– another great move.

After acquiring Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cullen Jenkins, Vince Young, Donald Lee and so on. You can add Ronnie Brown to that list of names now.

Brown who is just 29 years old, agreed to a one year deal with the Eagles on Tuesday. Not only will Brown be a great complement to the young LeSean McCoy, but he is the power back that the Eagles have been looking for since, well, a very long time. Not to mention, he could significantly help the Eagles with their wildcat formation as he played a key role in that formation in Miami.

Brown was elected to the Pro Bowl in 2008 recording 10 touchdown and nearly 1,000 yards. He is a starter on most teams in this league. Brown spoke to the press stating:

“I guess at this point in my career,” Brown said, “I’m looking back and I’m looking at the opportunity. And it’s not so much the financial standpoint, it was more about winning and putting myself in a good situation where I felt comfortable where I’d be on a team that made that a priority. You can tell by some of the moves that they’ve made this offseason that they put winning first. And I sat back and I thought about it and I weighed all of my options and I thought this would be a good fit for myself.”

He wants to win, and he knows the Eagles feel the same way.

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